Oftentimes when we think of providing nourishment to ourselves, we are only considering the health benefits that affect our body’s internal organs.Read More...

March 2018

5 Ways to Hydrate Your Skin and How to do it! 

Did you know that there is a difference between Hydrating your skin and Moisturizing it?  Although those terms are used synonymously, they are actually quite different. Read More...

April 2018

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February 2018

LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN No matter what part of the County you live in, February tends to be the coolest month. Even here in South Florida, I confess to turning the heat on in my car, and firing up the Fire Pit! Read More..







January 2018

THE SKINNY ON CELLULITE (and loose skin) Have you ever wished you could turn your cottage cheese into cream cheese? Read on. We are going to show you the BEST way to do that and dispel a few myths in the process.Read More..






December 2017

Look Fantastic This Holiday Season! Do you have holiday parties, family gatherings or work events to attend this month? To help you look your very best this season, you can select a variety of treatment options that will show off your flawless complexion at every occasion! Check out these results-driven facial treatments so you can have beautiful, glowing skin for the holidays: Read More..




November 2017

Bye Bye Turkey Neck…. What causes Turkey Necks and Double Chins? “Turkey Neck” is actually the result of having a tight Platysma. The Platysma begins at the collar bone and extends all of the way up to the jawline. Unlike most areas of our body, the Platysma muscle “bands” are not connected to bone. In fact, they are a group of free floating muscles. As we age, the Platysma bands tighten. The aging process also causes our skin to become thinner. So, having thin skin rest upon these tightened bands, means they become more noticeable.Read More..


October 2017

What Does Exfoliating Do For My Skin?

Glad you asked!
There are 2 methods of exfoliating the skin;
1) Mechanical – the use of a brush, sponge, walnuts, diamond crystals (Micro-dermabrasion)
2) Chemical – such as Lactic, Glycolic, Retinol, Salicylic and Enzymes (from fruits and veggies)

Read More..

Commercials, Cosmetics & Cons, Oh My!

Our topic today relates to the “miraculous” skin/hair care products that you see advertised on TV or in magazines. Read More...


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May 2018